jr kissan

The J.R. Kissan Trust was established in 1984 in loving memory of Late Ch. Jage Ram Jee. The aim and objects of the trust is dedication and lead to spread Homoeopathy as a powerful alternative, effective and viable system of medicine for our country.It has also various educational institute one of them is J.R. KISSAN HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL

About Us

Homoeopathy is a unique alternative system of medical science based on law of similar. It is a wonderful system of healing which is internationally accepted and being practiced in India. It was officially accepted as an efficient and potential system of medicine in 1973 through the parliament by enacting Homoeopathic Central Council Act 1973.

Our Inspiration




Our B H M S educational program at J. R. Kissan Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital's core mission is to alleviate human suffering by nurturing & training students from various parts of India in HOLISTIC CLINICAL CARE. We are focussed in enhancing Health status of people & their Quality of life by promoting integrated health management & awareness.


Our approach of Individualistic study program towards students is best achieved, as these students are on the front lines of medicine and science serving individuals and populations locally, nationally, and globally. They are also prepared for a life of learning & service in medicine. Also, we are imparting health education & clinical care to nearby school students, nearby villages & city population combating various classes of diseases/disorders.

To educate the student community both by theory and practice to fit in with the society and to conquer the tomorrow's technology at global level with human values through our dedicated team.

Salient Features

  • Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (B.H.M.S.) : 50 seats

College facilities-

  • Smart Class rooms
  • Live dissections and Autopsy
  • Quarterly Continuing Medical Education (CME).
  • Regular Educational Tours
  • Visit to water and sewage treatment plant, dairy farm and sugar mills etc.
  • Cultural activities: Annual day celebrations, fresher’s party and sports week etc.