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About Us

Homoeopathy is a unique alternative system of medical science based on law of similar. It is a wonderful system of healing which is internationally accepted and being practiced in India. It was officially accepted as an efficient and potential system of medicine in 1973 through the parliament by enacting Homoeopathic Central Council Act 1973. Subsequently Govt. of India decided that Homoeopathy should contribute towards the development of National Health Service in the country at the 9th joint Congress of Central Council of Health and Central Council of Family Welfare, In the view of its efficacy high potential and expectation of positive role, it was decided to harness the Homoeopathic system of medicine along with the Indian system of medicine in achieving the National goal of "Health for All- by 2000 A.D.’’

For achieving the above goal and to eleviate the suffering of Humanity on National level, Central government and state government have recognized and permitted to open teaching medical institution of Homoeopathy throughout country.

With the thought of Propagating homoeopathy in the Posterity, a few Ardent, zealous followers of Homoeopathy formed a charitable trust and named it “ J.R. Kissan Trust”. This trust Pledged to open a premier Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital at Rohtak which would be the first and foremost Homoeopathic Institute of Haryana.

The College was established in 2004 in remote area nearer to NCR Delhi in educational hub city Rohtak.